Monday, June 13, 2011

The world is indeed NOT flat

In response to your inquires I did attempt to "walk" off the edge of the world - then I realized it was round and my quest was impossible. In reality I have taken the SAT and studied and completed LOTS of forms for my upcoming drivers license. I have scraped the skin of my big toe countless times since spending almost every day in the pool! Applied for a job - which I still have yet to hear about.... Celebrated a gazillion and four birthdays in one months time span. Rejoiced with my sister who was invited to invitational company for dance (for those who don't know (me included) this is a great privilege,special etc,  at the age of 10)  Made some rather important school decisions and took a nap or two! I have a goal this summer to travel around the world and meet many famous or historical figures courtesy of my local library. The plan is to blog about these adventures.....time will tell how this goes.

Farewell for now ~

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  1. You are a very busy girl! And i love your summer plan!!!!